What We Do

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance

As beautiful and efficient as modern cars are, they’re not without their Achilles heel; they can breakdown at anytime without a moment’s notice! This is why it pays to always be prepared for car troubles so that don’t catch you with your guard down. This is where O’Neill Auto & Transmission Service comes into the picture.

We provide reliable auto repair services and can restore your ride to its former glory!

Why O’Neill Auto & Transmission Service?

O’Neill Auto & Transmission Service is your one-stop shop for all your car problems. Whether it’s something as trivial as car AC service and repair or something as serious and complicated as a complete brake service, our team of technicians has the skill and experience needed to resolve these issues.

Owing to our cost-economic and efficient services, we’ve become the go-to choice for Grand Rapids, MI residents for all auto repair needs.

Cascade Auto Repair Service: Auto Repair, Grand Rapids MI

Radiator replacement & repair

Because of the radiator's role in your vehicle’s cooling system, it is well worth the money to make radiator service a priority

Drive shaft repair

Driveshafts are a key component to your vehicle's movement

Lube, oil, and filter service

An oil change can really change your mood. And it will definitely change your oil.

Catalytic converter diagnosis and replacement

Get your catalytic  converter replaced to help improve gas milage

Transfer case repair

Transfer case parts on your 4-wheel drive

Differential repair

Transmission fluid is the life blood of your transmission

Wheel balancing

Professional tire balancing with the Hunter Road Force Balancer

Suspension work

Suspension tuning and replacement

Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase inspection before you buy that new car

Transmission fluid/filter change

Transmission fluid is the life blood of your transmission

Detailed vehicle

Comprehensive inspection of your vehicle


The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine maintenance

Brakes Repair & Replacement

Brakes wear out over time requiring service

Transmission Rebuilding

The transmission is one of the most complicated and important components of your car

Exhaust gas analysis

Get your exhaust gas analyzed for your safety

Wheel alignment

The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine maintenance

Transmission problems? We’ll fix it

We specialize in repairing transmissions.

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