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O'Neils Transmission Service, Inc. 
Transmission Service

Transmission Service

Our transmission expertise is second to none. O'Neill's is the West Michigan Transmission Specialist.
Complete Brake Services

Complete Brake Services

The braking system of a car is a crucial element in ensuring your safety on the road. Trust O'Neill's with your brake service concerns.
Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems, Catalytic Converters, Sensors and related systems.
Service is Our Specialty

Service is Our Specialty

Our staff strives to ensure that every customer at O'Neill's is completely satisfied with their car or truck repair.
Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostic tools and training makes the technicians at O'Neill's equipped to solve even the most difficult problems.
Rest Assured

Rest Assured

4 reasons why you should choose O'Neill's Transmission Repair to handle all of your automotive repair needs.
Three Generations of Service

Three Generations of Service

O'Neill's three generations of automotive repair experience gives them the expertise to solve any automotive problem you may have.
Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appoint to have one of our certified, trained technicians assist you.
Transmission Service
Complete Brake Services
Exhaust Systems
Service is Our Specialty
Advanced Diagnostics
Rest Assured
Three Generations of Service
Schedule an Appointment

Due to the complexity of modern cars, we provide complete car repair services in addition to transmission repair.  The whole vehicle can have an impact on transmission function.  Because we know transmissions, and the other aspects of the vehicle our customers can be assured of an accurate diagnosis.

This work philosophy ensures that you get your vehicle repaired back in operation without extra hassle or problems.  We want you to be a happy customer for life!

Here is a brief list of the car repair services we offer:

  • transmission rebuilding
  • transmission fluid/filter change
  • advanced level diagnostics on engine and transmission problems
  • digital diagnostic services
  • AC service and repair
  • suspension work
  • wheel alignment
  • wheel balance
  • differential repair
  • transfer case repair
  • radiators
  • lube, oil, and filter service
  • drive shaft repair
  • brakes
  • catalytic converter diagnosis, and replacement
  • exhaust gas analysis

We are equipped to handle any Transmission Repair you may need!

  • Experience
    --We are a leader in transmission repair experience, including that in domestic and foreign car models.
  • Qualifications
    --O'Neill's technicians continually update their skills and knowledge through training seminars, classes, and General Motors Corporation transmission school.
  • Technology
    --We use the latest computerized diagnostic technology.
  • National Resources
    --Through membership in national professional associations we have hotline access to professionals' expertise from coast to coast on virtually every make of transmission.
  • Original Parts
    --O'Neill's uses original OEM parts for top performance.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    --O'Neill's guarantees every transmission it repairs or rebuilds and also guarantees courteous, professional service, or your money back.

    O'Neill's Transmission has a thorough diagnostic and service procedure for ensuring that your car, truck or transmission gets fixed correctly and on time.

    What to expect

    We are fully aware of the fact that our typical customer is having a bad day.  Transportation, money, and trust issues all come to a head. You need to choose someone to guide you.

    When you arrive at our shop you will find clean and friendly service.  Most people comment on how clean our shop is even when we think it’s dirty.

    Meet, and ride with a tech.  We believe it is important to experience the problem with the customer when ever possible.  A tech will interview you to get an idea of what to look for.  We then go for a ride together.  When a customer can point out the problem to a tech, it removes one of the biggest problems with getting your car fixed right the first time.

    Since most people don’t deal with broken cars very often, we have developed an interview process that helps our customers relate their car concerns to us most effectively.

    There is no need for our customers to know automotive tech talk.  We know it is stressful enough getting car problems resolved.

    When having problems with your car there are some things that are helpful to notice.

    1. Are there any warning lights on?
    2. At what speed does the symptom occur?
    3. At what RPM does the symptom occur?
    4. What makes the problem stop?
    5. Can the problem be made to reoccur at will?
    6. Have you noticed any fluids leaking?
    7. Have you noticed any odd smells?
    8. How often does it happen?
    9. Are there any consistencies associated with the problem?

    Our Proven Record of Commitment to the Automotive Industry

    In 1960 Pat O'Neill left the familiar life of a dealership mechanic to start his own business.  The business grew quickly and Pat expanded the facility in 1964.  Through the early 70's O'Neills was a complete automotive service center.  Pat's reputation as a transmission authority combined with the high volume of transmission repair needed caused Pat to market his business as a specialty transmission shop.

    By the 80's Pat's influence had expanded far beyond his business.  He was known as a great mechanic, as well as a good business man and community leader.  This reputation has called him to be an arbitrator, professional witness, and multiple terms as association Presidents.  Pat also served on an advisory committee to the Bureau of Automotive Regulations for the State of Michigan.  This committee help to develop test that would be used to certify mechanics working in Michigan.  Pat also addressed the Michigan State Legislators on behalf of repair shops in Michigan in 1978.

    Pat incorporated his business in 1988, and made his son Tedd a partner.  Tedd continued to learn all facets of running the business from Pat.

    The 90's saw the third generation begin to make contributions to the business.  Shaun in 1999 followed by Craig in 2002.

    Although Pat is retired from the daily life of fixing cars, he is still very active in the automotive community.  Pat was heard on Wood 1300's Auto Talk on Saturday mornings until his grandson Shaun O'Neill took over for him.  He is also writing a book about the life of an auto mechanic dating back to the 1930's.

    Having such a long history has the effect of long standing trust.  As with any long standing trust, no one would ever want to do anything that would betray that trust within the community.

    This is your assurance we will continue to strive for excelence.